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This game was made in one hour for Ludum Dare 33, with the theme "You Are The Monster", I only had an hour since I only had access to a computer for that long this weekend. I hope it is at least decent and I hope you enjoy it somewhat. The code is mostly from the breakout demo from HaxeFlixel (I only had an hour and spent 40 minutes scripting and retrying the narration) I talked to some people and since they understood my circumstances and that the demo is open source they thought that it would be okay for the compo, I'll still be including the source code and feel free to critique the game harsher for most of the code being from the demo, I would have liked to make a game from mostly scratch but I only had an hour on my PC this weekend and I still wanted to take part. Thanks to Gama11 for all his help troubleshooting on IRC!

Published Aug 23, 2015
TagsAbstract, Ludum Dare, Short, Voice Acting